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CARIBBEAN AMERICAN HERITAGE MONTH CELEBRATES 13 YEARS OF CARIBBEAN CULTURAL INFLUENCE Free event to the public celebrating 11 years of unity, heritage and culture of the thirty-five (35)Caribbean Islands.

The Caribbean American Heritage Month (CAHM) Opening Ceremony  is one of the headliner events for the Caribbean community in Georgia during the month of June.  The Opening Ceremony sponsored by Georgia Caribbean American Heritage Coalition (GCAHC) will feature approximately thirty-five (35) countries representing the English, French, Spanish and Dutch speaking Caribbean through national dress displays, a taste of Caribbean cuisine and cultural entertainment.  This event will feature exhibit tables for promotional displays and there will also be a flag salute with the youth carrying a flag from each Caribbean nation and the USA. Additionally, several Georgia elected officials have been invited and are expected to attend this and other events. It will be held at City Hall Atrium (55 Trinity Avenue, Atlanta, Georgia 30303) on Sunday June 3rd from 3pm-7pm.  Free and open to the public.

GCAHC was formed in 2006 and is the leading Caribbean representative organization of the Caribbean community in the state of Georgia.  According to organization past President, Tony Alleyne, ‘During the past ten years, the organization has continued to make huge strides in highlighting the impact of Caribbean culture on our community. Through business forums, health fairs, mentorship programs and a number of cultural and educational programs we continue to influence those around us. We have also partnered with the Atlanta-Fulton County Public Library to sponsor several educational forums and Caribbean film festivals.’

The Opening Ceremony is one of several events happening throughout the month of June to commemorate Caribbean culture. There will also be a variety show highlighting the talent within the Caribbean community. GCAHC is also promoting Caribbean activities being sponsored by the Atlanta Fulton Library. More information about these events can be found at  or by emailing [email protected].

Fact Sheet: Caribbean American Population in Georgia

¨     The largest share of the foreign-born population in Georgia is from Latin America.

¤   54% from Latin America (South America, Central

America, Mexico, and the Caribbean).

¨     The Caribbean-American population is growing faster than that of African-Americans, which makes them an economically viable minority community to tap into

¨     Caribbean-Americans represent over $1 billion in spending power

¨     Live predominantly in DeKalb County of Georgia

¨     They support companies that show community involvement and Caribbean interest

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