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NAME: Joycelyn Martin
POSITION: President

Joycelyn has played an integral role in GCAHC from its very inception and has continued to work  hard to see the organization succeed throughout its existence. She has worked on the Caribbean American Heritage Month Opening Ceremony and other events for years, and continues to be actively involved in various aspects of the Georgia Caribbean community. She is an accountant by profession.
Valerie Walker Sanders

NAME: Valrie Walker Sanders
POSITION: Secretary

Valrie was born in Kingston, Jamaica and was raised in the U.K. She earned a Master’s degree in International Relations and a Masters in Education from Georgia State University, and a Juris Doctor degree from Atlanta Law School. Valrie is employed by the U.S. Department of Commerce/Bureau of the Census, and in her “spare time,” is a Teacher- Tutor.

As GCAHC’s Secretary, Valrie is doing her second stint with the Board; the first time as its Founding President. Valrie is also the Special Events Director (ICS) – CAHM Commemorative Committee. In 2009 and 2011, respectively, Valrie represented the Caribbean community at the White House Community Leaders’ Briefing during the Obama Administration and at the FEMA Leadership Conference in Washington, D.C. In 2009, she received the Outstanding Georgia Citizen Award from the Georgia Secretary of State and was appointed Georgia Goodwill Ambassador for her work with GCAHC. Since 2011, Valrie was asked to serve as Chairperson of the SCLC/W.O.M.E.N. International Task Force by the late Dr. Evelyn Lowery. One of Valrie’s passions is international travel. She has published a book entitled African Hospitality, which chronicles her visits to the African Continent.


Joycelyn Head Shot

NAME: Beverly Nurse
POSITION: Treasurer
Beverly has always had a passion for numbers and is employed as an Accountant. She believes that you can achieve anything in life without effort. Beverly is a small town Island woman who enjoys traveling, deep sea diving, swimming, and meeting people. At age sixteen, she began working as a cashier at a store in the Virgin Islands. Thereafter, she began her banking career and continued in banking when she moved to the United States. Beverly was born to a beautiful woman by the name of Iow Lucille Henry, who has taught her to trust in God, regardless of what life may bring. She told her mother that she would return to the Virgin Islands when she completed her studies, but that day never came!

Beverly received an associate’s degree in accounting from Gwinnett Technical College. She completed her bachelor’s degree in accounting at Medgar Evers College in Brooklyn New York. As Treasurer of the Georgia Caribbean American Heritage Coalition, Beverly has met some wonderful men and women who share her passion for keeping the Caribbean culture alive.




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