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CAHM Opening Ceremony


Caribbean American Heritage Month Opening Ceremony 2018


Media Contacts: Christine Newton


Free event to the public celebrating 14 years of unity, heritage and culture of the thirty-five (35) Caribbean Islands.

The Caribbean American Heritage Month (CAHM) Opening Ceremony is one of the headliner events for the Caribbean community in Georgia during the month of June.  The Opening Ceremony sponsored by Georgia Caribbean American Heritage Coalition (GCAHC). This event typically attracts about 500 persons and will feature approximately 35 countries representing the English, French, Spanish and Dutch speaking Caribbean through national dress displays, a taste of Caribbean cuisine and cultural entertainment.

“The Flag salute” consist of a parade of Flags carried by youths representing each Caribbean nation and the USA has been billed as “a major element” of the event.  Another great feature are the exhibit tables for promotional display designed to showcase Caribbean culture and products.  Additionally, The cultural presentations respectively from both of this year’s highlighted nations to commemorate their historic milestone of 50th years of Independence is said to be spectacular.  Government officials from Georgia and of the highlighted nations have been invited and are expected to attend this and other events. It will be held at City Hall Atrium (55 Trinity Avenue, Atlanta, Georgia 30303) on Sunday June 3th from 3pm-6pm. Free and Open to the public.

GCAHC was formed in 2006 and is the leading Caribbean representative organization of the Caribbean community in the state of Georgia. According to organization President, Tony Alleyne, ‘During the past eleven years, the organization has continued to make huge strides in highlighting the impact of Caribbean culture on our community. Through business forums, health fairs, mentorship programs and a number of cultural and educational programs we continue to influence those around us. We have also partnered with the Atlanta-Fulton County Public Library to sponsor several educational forums and Caribbean film festivals.’

The opening ceremony is but one of several events happening throughout the month of June to commemorate Caribbean culture.  . GCAHC is also promoting Caribbean activities being sponsored by the Atlanta Fulton Library. More information about these events can be found at  or by emailing

About GCAHC:

GCAHC was formed in 2006 and is the leading Caribbean representative organization of the Caribbean community in the state of Georgia. GCAHC’s ongoing advocacy and community involvement includes co-authoring Resolution HR 978 the Georgia Caribbean American Heritage Month legislation, sponsored by Georgia State Representatives Billy Mitchell; partnering with the U.S. Census Bureau to achieve an accurate count for people of Caribbean ancestry in the State of Georgia in the 2010 Census; ongoing community involvement with Homeland Security re: FEMA, and USCIS immigration issues; participation in the SCLC Women’s Organization Nonpartisan Multicultural Voter Registration. For more information about the organization, go to or email




Past Events

Barbados Comes to Atlanta Events Information: 678-927-4430

Thursday May 26, 2016 9:00am to 5:00pm
Education & Health Symposium

Thursday May 26, 2016 2:00pm to 3:30pm
Barbados as a destination for Filming

Thursday May 26, 2016 6:00am to 9:00pm
Film Screening

Friday May 27, 2016 6:00PM to 9:00PM
Welcome Reception

Friday May 27, 2016 9:00am to 5:00pm
Business Forum

Friday May 27, 2016 12:00pm to 5:30pm
Travel Agent Training

Saturday May 28, 2016 @ 11:00AM-7:00PM
Re-creating Bridgetown Market
320 Irwin Street @ Jackson Street by King Center (FREE)

Sunday May 29th, 2016 2017pm-11pm
Barbados Comes To Atlanta Gala
Information: 678-927-4430
Cost $100-$125

Sunday June 5th – 3pm – 7pm
GCAHC Opening Ceremony – Including Guyana and Barbados 50th Anniversary celebration, Awards Presentation, Island Displays, Flag Salute, and Cultural Presentations.
Venue – Atlanta City Hall Atrium – Downtown Atlanta
55 Trinity Avenue, Atlanta, GA 30303
ADM (Free Admission)

Saturday, June 11 – 11:00am- 4:00pm
Youth Focus Events
Workshops for the youth, Anancy Festival and Caribbean Spelling Bee.
Metropolitan Library,
1332 Metropolitan Pkwy, Atlanta, GA 30310
(Phone (404-730-1700)

Saturday June 11 – 3:30pm
Caribbean Film Festival
Venue: Metropolitan Library,
1332 Metropolitan Pkwy, Atlanta, GA 30310
Film:  “’The Boys of summer’ (Curacao)’FREE

Sunday, June 12th, 2016 – 2:30pm
Caribbean Film Festival
Atlanta-Fulton County Central Library,
One Margaret Mitchell Square, Atlanta, GA 30303
Film: “’Queen Nanny: Legendary Maroon Chieftains’ Jamaica)  (Phone (404-730-1700) FREE

About Us


Strive for the economic and political empowerment of Caribbean people in the State of

Georgia, and the preservation and promotion of our cultural heritage.



Leadership Presence:

  • Partner and support all other Caribbean organization in the wider Georgia area.

Cultural Presence:

  • Foster cultural awareness in the wider community through sponsoring & supporting activities e.g.
    • Carnival Events
    • Family Days & Picnics
    • Educational Seminars

Community Presence:

  • Being a source of economic & civic empowerment for all Caribbean community members
    • Legislative Days at the State Capitol
    • Business Directory

Meet The Board

My portrait pic 2-15

NAME: Tony Alleyne

POSITION: President

Tony has over twenty-five years of extensive experience in the Information Technology industry with eleven years in senior leadership positions. He began his professional career as an IBM Systems Engineer and progressed through several levels of management. Tony holds degrees in Engineering, Legal Studies and Management and currently runs an engineering organization for a major US corporation.

Tony has spent many years involved in community service activities and has received several awards and recognitions including being inducted as a Black Achiever. Tony is the recipient of a United States Special Congressional citation and a Georgia Secretary of State Award for community service. Additionally, he was recognized by Junior Achievement for six years of service as an executive adviser. Tony is dedicated to advancing the economic and political profile of Caribbean people in Georgia and promoting their heritage. He has also served as the president of the Barbados Association for several years.

Tony enjoys most sports and is an avid golfer and tennis player.


Joyce Head Shot Feb 2015

NAME: Joyce Thompson
POSITION: Vice President

Joyce Thompson is a native of Trinidad and Tobago who migrated to the United States 42 years ago.  She holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Technical Management with a concentration in Accounting from DeVry University and a Master’s degree in Organizational Leadership from Brenau University.

She presently serves as President of Trinidad and Tobago Association of Georgia and has served in multiple organizations as Treasurer and chairpersons of various committees. She earned the President’s award for Hard Work, Dedication and Commitment from the Trinidad and Tobago Association of Georgia in 2012.  Servant Leadership and giving back to the community is her passion. She is dedicated to personal growth as is illustrated through her involvement with Toastmasters International. She has also attended many workshops on non-profit at the non-profit foundation, Atlanta.

Joyce has worn many hats in leadership and believes with her past experiences and educational background she can be an asset to GCAHC.  As vice-president of GCAHC she will work towards gaining the trust of the Caribbean community  to rebuild the credability of GCAHC.  Her goal is to connect all the Caribbean organizations in a Strategic Planning Process to discuss the future of GCAHC.  She believes that ‘Unity is Strength’ and” together much can be accomplished”.




NAME: Genoria McCormick
POSITION: Youth Officer

Genori is a graduate of Spelman College holding a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry. She currently works as a Business Analyst for a technology and consulting company. Being in a position that requires clear communication and problem solving, she has learned so much about people, and essentially, about herself.

Her newfound appreciation for life and all of its inhabitants has drawn her closer to a passion she never knew existed within her: helping others, especially youth. She looks forward to opportunities that will allow her to share the wealth of knowledge and understanding that she has acquired thus far. Genori is of Panamanian descent, which provided the foundation for her love of the Hispanic and Caribbean cultures. She aims to share the rich history and beauty with those who are unfamiliar.  Her desire is to ensure that our Caribbean community has the resources to make a significant impact. Genori has a passion for youth and young adults, as they are the generations that she feels are well equipped to implement change in our world.

As a community, we can be the change that we ultimately want to see and she wants to help motivate and inspire these young people to be the faces of change.


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NAME: Marissa Williams
POSITION: Public Relations & Communications

Marissa is a graduate of Emory University with an M.B.A. in International Marketing & Global Strategy. She has used her marketing & public relations experience to serve in several Caribbean organizations in Georgia including as Youth Officer for Trinidad & Tobago Association of Georgia Inc, Marketing Consultant for Georgia Caribbean Culture (G.C.C.) Inc and Atlanta Carnival Bandleaders Council (A.C.B.C.). She has worked for several media houses including as contributing writer to Caribbean Spice Magazine, Talawah Journals and is currently Chief Editor for 2BKaribbean Productions. She works as a contributing air-shifter for the Caribbean Runnings Show on WRFG 89.3 F.M and also serves on the stations’s board.

Marissa’s volunteerism feeds her dedication to raising the profile of Caribbean community in Georgia and throughout the United States. She believes this can be done through a true sense of community and unity and by quality execution of any activity that represents the Caribbean region.



NAME: Christine Newton
POSITION: Secretary

Christine Newton, a business information system major, has been a coordinator of A Fashion Affair for over ten years.  She volunteers for many special needs programs and help parents in the special needs    and autistic community, find resources to help their loved ones strive in their community.   Christine loves fashion, is an avid traveler and a promoter of cultural expression from all over the world.  Some of the events that she has helped planned and participated are A fashion Affair events, Ms Gwinnett County Special Pageant and African Children’s fund, Emory Autism events.  Christine is happy to help bring the Caribbean community together by being GCAHC secretary.


Joycelyn Head Shot

NAME: Joycelyn
POSITION: 2nd Vice President

Joycelyn has played an integral role in GCAHC from its very inception and has continued to work  hard to see the organization succeed throughout its existence. She has worked on the Heritage Month Opening Ceremony for years and continues to be actively involved in various aspects of the Georgia Caribbean community. She is an accountant by profession.